Last Chance Southern California Trosky/Learn4Life Showcase Camp

All High School & Junior College Players

Location: TBA- Southern CA

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Starts: 7:00am / Ends: 5:00pm

Camp Cost: $285.00

Camp Description


Trosky Baseball is the leader in College Games Camps. With nearly 20 years of experience working college prospect camps and major showcase events, Trosky Baseball has developed the most productive camps in the country, connecting both high school and junior college players with college coaches and MLB scouts.

Parents and players say Trosky camps exceed expectations. We are flexible with the schedules of those who cannot attend an entire event.

The Last Chance Showcases offer two unique baseball opportunities for all high school and junior college players to be seen by over 40 college coaches and professional baseball scouts. These events are designed to give players a final opportunity to be recruited before the NCAA early signing period beginning November 13th, 2016.

NCAA Regulations (last chance): Due to NCAA regulations November 13th is the last day of the year that Division I and Division II college coaches can go off campus to recruit unless hired to work an event. This NCAA sanctioned non-recruiting quiet period extends through February 2017. Since Nov. 13th is the last day before the NCAA quiet period, the Last Chance Showcases are important events for aspiring college athletes.

Note: In November, college coaches will be mailing out National Letters of Intent to high school prospects. In order to sign a National Letter of Intent, high school prospects must either sign between November 14-17 or wait until the next signing period to open in April 2017.

2016 Schools That Attended. Note: Schools are pending for 2017 and will be confirmed shortly.

  • Stanford Unviersity: DI
  • UC Riverside: DI
  • UC San Diego: DII
  • CSU Northridge: DI
  • Hope International University: NAIA
  • Loyola Marymount University: DI
  • Cal Poly Pomona: DII
  • CSU Los Angeles: DII

  • St Katherine College: NAIA
  • CSU Long Beach: DI
  • Point Loma Nazarene: DII
  • CSU San Berardino: DII
  • MLB Scouts: AL
  • UC Davis: DI
  • Concordia University Portland: DII

  • Occidental College: DIII
  • Chapman University: DIII
  • Ventura College: JC
  • MLB Scouts: NL
  • Pomona-Pitzer College: DIII
  • University of Antelope Valley: NAIA
  • Palomar University: JC

Schools are subject to change based on job movements and personal reasons out of our control.

General Information


Position Player: $285.00 (per camp)
Pitcher Only: $285.00 (per camp)
Dual Player: add $125.00 (dual player means pitching and playing a position)

The Process
Understanding the Recruiting Process is the First Step to Creating Opportunities.

HS Senior / Junior College: HS seniors and JC players - this is your last window to be recruited before the NCAA Early Signing Period opens and the NCAA Quiet Period begins. The NCAA Quiet Period runs through February 2014, meaning the NCAA DI and DII coaches are no longer allowed to recruit off campus, unless they are hired to work an event.

HS Juniors: The most productive time for high school players to be recruited is during their junior year. In this new era of recruiting, most elite players receive baseball scholarships during this time.

HS Sophomores / Freshmen: It is important for young players to have vision and direction, to be motivated, to gain experience, to learn the recruiting process, and to develop confidence on the stage. Getting started early provides great benefit. The majority of Trosky Scholarship players start the recruiting process their freshmen year.

10 Reasons to attend Last Chance Showcase
Trosky Baseball has contributed to over 5,000 players playing college and professional baseball
They provide the best player-to-coach ratio
They take place on one field, making each player accessible to the attending college coaches
They allow parents & players the opportunity to learn from the college coaches
They are reasonably priced
Recruiting specialists lecture about the recruiting process and are available to answer questions throughout the event
Player evaluations are available upon request (completed by college coaches and MLB scouts)
They are flexible with the schedules of players that cannot attend the entire event
Trosky Baseball is connected with over 200 colleges across the country
Parents, players, and college coaches say Trosky camps are the most productive prospect events on the West Coast

After working numerous showcase events across the west coast and being a college recruiter and professional baseball scout, Coach Trosky became frustrated with the typical format used by major showcase and recruiting organizations. Typical formats include:

- a lower number of college coaches in attendance and a lack of diversity (different levels of colleges) among them
- a low number of repetitions on both offense and defense
- a limited amount of game exposure for both pitchers and position players
- a lack of connection with the coaches attending the event.

Over the years it became clear that despite attending numerous events and spending thousands of dollars, the majority of high school players end up frustrated and empty handed. As a result, the Trosky Games Camps model was built.

The 6 core concepts included in Trosky Games Camps are:

1.) Multiple Games:Players participate in 2 games (a simulated game and a live game). WIth the peaks and valleys of baseball, multiple games give each player the opportunity to show consistency and/or to make important adjustments. This allows players to display a more accurate representation of their game.
2.) Repetition: Players take batting practice in the cages before the games. They perform in skills training sessions and perform numerous repetitions between innings.
3.) Relationships: Attending college coaches are on the field coaching and getting to know the players. Camp activities conclude daily with the College Coach's Introduction, where players and parents have the opportunity to learn from the college coaches.
4.) Recruiting Information: Players and parents receive recruiting insight from active college recruiting coordinators and from recruiting specialist Nate Trosky. The informative talks conclude with a Q & A session. At the conclusion of camp activities, Coach Trosky is available to answer recruiting questions.
5.) Opportunity: Attending college coaches represent a wide range of colleges and universities (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and JC) giving each player the opportunity to be recruited by schools that meet his scholastic, financial, social, and athletic needs.
6.) Schedule Flexibility: Trosky Games Camps are flexible with the schedules of those who cannot attend the entire camp (if you have a special schedule request, we can accommodate). All players are free to come and go throughout the camp when they are not able to attend.

Camp Details:
Camp participants engage in lectures regarding the mental game and recruiting process
Roster spots are limited - maximizing playing time, innings pitched, and at-bats
Position Players participate in skills testing: bat exit speed, velocity throw, 60 yard dash (info given to the coaches)
Camp participants play 2 games (1 showcase game and 1 simulated game)
Position players receive 6 at-bats
Primary pitchers 2 to 3 innings
Dual players (playing a position and pitching) pitch 1 to 3 innings

Each player must bring his own baseball equipment. Players should bring a glove, bat, batting gloves, helmet, cleats/spikes, running shoes or turf shoes, hat, and any other equipment they feel necessary to compete. Catchers must bring their own gear. Please mark name on all items. Trosky Baseball will not be responsible for lost items.


Skills Video Packages:
Our skills video packages are designed by scouts and college coaches. Since both have deemed this a valuable tool we have priced the video to benefit you! We will only video what the scouts and coaches ask for. There is no need to video angles or footage that gets deleted. The video is 1-3 minutes long and edited to show mechanics. There is no game footage.

The video we take is uploaded to a third-party video hosting company. NCAA rules state that we cannot send the video on your behalf or host on our site. We send you the link which you will be able to email without username or passwords.

Our videos are delivered in HD (High Definition). You can view them with a computer, a phone, or a smart pad. This makes it easy for you to deliver and anyone to view.

Pitching Package - $199.00
$50 discount if you sign up during Camp Online Registration
We will video you in the bullpen from the wind up and stretch. We will allow you to throw all your pitches from both. This is a 2 camera angle video showing a chest view and a view from behind the catcher. The 2 angles are what evaluators look for.

Position Player Package - $249.00
$50 discount if you sign up during Camp Online Registration
This option is a video of one defensive position, and hitting. We record your positions using a front view camera angle. This is to capture your athleticism and arm angle. Catcher's video also includes an outfield view, as well as pop time on video. Catching is videoed off live pitching in bullpen, throws to second will be done on the diamond. Your hitting video is recorded showing a side view. If you would like a second defensive position, add $50.

Combo Package- $349.00 Position and pitchers package
$50 discount if you sign up during online registration

Videos will be delivered by email in 7-10 business days *Refunds will only be granted if not produced in proper timeline.

Camp Waiver Information


Medical Release Form (attached)

Download Waiver Form



Meals will not be provided.

Miscellaneous Information


Refund Policy: Once payment is received, there are no refunds ..... Click Here to view Trosky's Refund Policy

Contact Information


For Questions regarding Trosky Baseball e-mail

Please check your email regularly as this is our primary way we communicate. Any additional information that we need to convey as the camp draws closer will be passed on to you via the e-mail address that you supplied when you signed up for camp. Please make it a habit to check your e-mail daily, this will eliminate any confusion and or miscommunication.

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