“America’s Most Scenic Ballpark”




Nestled on the seaside cliffs of Point Loma, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, no other collegiate baseball park can match the picturesque views and comfortable setting of Carroll B. Land Stadium on the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University.


Coaches, players and fans marvel at the beautiful park and the magnificent surroundings. The immaculate green grass of the playing field is outlined by the blue sky and sea. Its cozy dimensions offset by the prevailing winds blowing in off the ocean.


In 1993, Kevin Kernan of the San Diego Union-Tribune was on the Point Loma campus covering the NAIA Volleyball tournament. Walking beyond the gym, he was amazed upon viewing the university’s spectacular baseball field.


Charmed by the baseball facility, Kernan wrote an article that appeared in both the local Union-Tribune and the national Baseball America magazine. The title of the article, “America’s Most Scenic Ballpark.” The nickname has stuck ever since. However, the ballpark wasn’t always “America’s Most Scenic.”



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