Guest Coach - Dino Ebel

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Albert Pujols and Dino Ebel

Nomen Est Omen is Latin for “your name is your destiny.”

When I think of the name Chris Mihlfeld and Millhouse AEP, they are synonymous with integrity, character, honor, hard work and doing things the right way. I am proud to have been a part of the Millhouse Family and honored to be a friend of its founder, Chris Mihlfeld for almost 15 years. There is not a better trainer in the country. There is not a harder worker on the planet. There is no other place I would send my kids to get the best baseball instruction and be taught 100% drug free strength training over Millhouse AEP.

During my 16 year MLB career that included 5 All Star Games, many players I knew cheated themselves and the great game of baseball by using PED’s. It is sad to have played in that tainted era but an incredible accomplishment to do so as one who NEVER once experimented or tried steroids, HGH or the amphetamines that ran rampant throughout MLB.

I have two people to thank for that… Jesus Christ and Chris Mihlfeld.

My Faith in Christ allowed me to play for a higher purpose as I know I did not represent “Mike Sweeney” but I represented my God whom I never wanted to tarnish the name of. It is a gift to be given the gift of Faith and I honored HIM 100% of the time in the way I played out my 20 year career.

My friendship with Chris Mihlfeld and Millhouse AEP taught me that with determination, hard work and integrity, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! Despite many MLB players cheating all around me, Chris Mihlfeld was by my side every step of the way teaching me, encouraging me and showing me the right way… The MILLHOUSE WAY!!!

Nomen Est Omen… “your name is your destiny”.

Millhouse AEP is the right choice for me. How about you?

God’s Blessings,
Mike Sweeney




MapI have known Chris Mihlfeld since he and my oldest son played collegiate baseball together at Central Missouri University. I later had the privilege of coaching with him at Maple Woods Community College and competed in the JC College World Series. Coach Milhlfeld is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in all aspects of baseball. He is an excellent trainer but more than that he understands the game of baseball and prepares his players for the task of competing. I have been fortunate to have coached with many great coaches at all levels, including at the University of Arizona under Coach Andy Lopez. In my opinion Coach Mihlfeld has the knowledge and ability of any of the coaches I have been associated with. In addition he has integrity and the character that all parents will come to appreciate.

Keith Francis




MapBack in 2003 when playing for the KC Royals, I had a under surface rotator cuff tear which inhibited me from being the pitcher I wanted to be! Chris mihlfeld integrated a system for me personally, that would help me to raise my ability. Not only did I have the lowest ERA of my career that year to help the Royals, but; the following year, his insight helped me achieve an even higher level, to help the 2004 Boston Red Sox win a World Series. Today, known for the greatest comeback in the history of sports, I can’t help but thank Chris for insight and guidance in strength and conditioning, that led me to win that 1st of a four game sweep against our rival Yankees in the ALCS in route to sweep the Cardinals in the World Series. Not only on the field but off the field as well!!! Any athlete can tell you. Your only as good as the company that surrounds you! Chris you are a man of integrity! I will stand by you every day of the week and twice on sundays! I know the 1st person I would want in my fox hole!!

Curtis Leskanic World Series Champion Boston Red Sox 2004