Domingo explains why you should join the North County Mavericks!


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North County Elite And Developmental Baseball Tryout

~ Registration Ends: 06/08/2019$10.00 | La Costa Canyon HS Baseball Fields 1 Maverick Way - Carlsbad, CA 92009


The North County Mavericks will be holding their annual tryouts for their elite and developmental teams for the 2019-20120 season. The Mavs program was founded in 2009 and the cornerstone of the program has always focused on development now and being great later. The Mavs have seen 175+ of their players move on to be successful high school players throughout San Diego County. 50 of our former players are playing/committed to colleges at schools such as: USD, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Sonoma St., California Lutheran, Point Loma, UCSD, Chapman, CSUSM, etc.




Due to the interest level in the program it is required to pre-register.


North County Mavericks Coaches Highlights:


Bradley Marcelino
Founder North County Mavericks

7-year Division 1 Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator


Jose Balderas
Founder North County Mavericks
Frosh Head Coach LCC

Joey Burke - Director of Player Development/7th Grade Head Coach

Varsity Coach LCC


Justin Graeber - 6th Grade Head Coach

Varsity Coach San Pasqual HS


Jimmy Hill - 4th Grade Head Coach

Former D1 player and All-Conference at LMU


Chano Palomo - 5th Grade Head Coach

4 year LCC player - 4 year NC Mavs player

Frosh Coach LCC


Casey Edelbrock - 8th Grade Head Coach

Former Collegiate Coach

KC Royals professional player


Jack Shannon - Arm Care Coordinator and Roving instructor

USD Alum and Professional baseball player

SDA Alum


Sam Casinelli - Asst. Coach

Rogers State University

LCC player


Derek Black - Asst.Coach

Purdue University

Cathedral Catholic HS Alum






Riley Adams - Toronto Blue Jays

University of San Diego Alum and Canyon Crest Academy Alum


Phillip Evans - Chicago Cubs

La Costa Canyon HS


Kyle Holder - New York Yankees

University City HS and University of San Diego Alum


John Cresto - Colorado Rockies

Cathedral Catholic and Santa Clara University Alum


Only The NC Mavs Program Has These Eight Unique Features That You And Your Child Will Love: 

1) MLB/DIVISION 1: Get ahead of competition with high level MLB/Division 1 baseball instruction 

2) DISCIPLINE: Mental skills training to help understand that elite habits will directly correlate to game longevity

3) YEAR ROUND PROGRAM: Transition* through our 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams

4) COLLEGE RECRUITING: College process ed for Mavs families from D1 recruiting coordinator and our on campus recruiting days

5) REC BALL: We encourage participation in REC Ball and any positive learning environment

6) SCHEDULE: Provide 1-2 practices/week and 1 game/week (weather permitting)**

7) DUES: Yearly dues***

8) ADVERSITY: Learn priceless life lessons and how to overcome everyday challenges through baseball


*All players required to participate in a yearly tryout for the transition from team to team (no guarantees year to year)

**REC ball ENCOURAGED, we will discuss but want kids to participate in REC BALL programs

***Includes Coaches Fees, Field Use, Baseballs, and all additional features of the Mavs Program

****College recruiting days, Tournaments, Cage Time, Umpires, Uniforms - Additional Fee separate from yearly cost

ROSTER ELIGIBILITY: if your intention is to not join the NCMAVS program please let us know immediately. We want to make sure that our roster decisions are based on players that if selected are going to be part of the program for the entire Mavs season (July - end of May)


TRYOUT TIME DURATION: Please note that this tryout time is an approximate period of time based on the number of participants. Please be flexible as we want to be sure to give everyone a fair evaluation


TRYOUT VIEWING: parents are welcome to view the tryouts from the stands/sitting area at the facility


TRYOUT ATTIRE: baseball pants, cleats, shirt, hat, fluids to hydrate.



Registration check in: 9:45am
New Parent Informational Meeting 10:10am


Waiver Information 

Please print out and bring all filled out to registration. DO NOT EMAIL BACK. .....Download Waiver



La Costa Canyon High School Baseball Fields

1 Maverick Way 

Carlsbad, CA 92009


Parking Information

LCC: Park on the street outside of the baseball field not in the regular high school parking lot.


Please check your email regularly as this is our primary way to communicate. Any additional information that we need to convey as the camp draws closer will be passed on to you via the e-mail address that you supplied when you signed up for the tryout. Please make it a habit to check your e-mail daily, this will eliminate any confusion and or miscommunication.