Baseball to Establish 'Diamond University' Life Skills Program

Being a collegiate baseball player takes more than just putting in time on the field and in the weight room. In addition to practices and games a student-athlete must also excel in the classroom and in the community, but balancing all of these requirements takes skill and determination. Read More


“I make sure to take everything I learned at your camp and apply it to my life in school and on my high school team. What you and your team taught me is something that I had never really thought about before and it really changed my perspective on how I should play and how I should carry myself in the classroom. I have made it a habit to do my DCBA’s daily before school and practice. I really enjoyed coming to your school and getting to know you and your coaches.”– Local HS Student


“He had an incredible time today, and asked me if I could help get his Sunday commitment changed so he could attend the second day of the camp. He said it was by far (far, far) the best camp he has attended, and was excited about all he was learning. He was so impressed by the coaching staff and the program at Northridge, and would like to spend another day with you.”– Parent of Local HS Student


“Your advice has helped me improve my skills. I will remember the acronym: Decide, Clear, Breath, Attack (DCBA). It has so many applications and not all of them are to baseball; “DCBA” can be used in life as well, whatever we do. Thanks again so much.”– Northern California HS Student


“Thank you for helping host the best baseball camp I have ever attended! I learned a lot not just about baseball, but about flipping the switch from baseball to academics. This camp drastically increased my interest and respect for the baseball program.”– Local HS Student


“I just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for the wonderful camp experience yesterday. My son had an absolute blast. He says he learned a lot and really appreciated the style of coaching and also the chance to show his stuff a bit. My wife also thought it was terrific. She especially appreciated the messages you all delivered to the boys during the classroom session. She was really impressed with your sincerity, honesty and passion.”– Parent of Northern California HS Student

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