Domingo Ayala's Analysis Evaluation Package

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 to Thursday, December 31, 2015

Camp Cost: $29.00

Camp Description


Players of all ages will be evaluated personally with Domingo's Video Analysis software and have the chance to have there swing broken down by a true Professional. "He's no Semi Pro"

Domingo will provide an evaluation of feedback, changes and recommend drills to help you continue to hit bombs!

The cost is $29.00 and is a valuable tool to have to increase your ability to "Pop the Chain"

Don't miss the opportunity to be evaluated by the Dominican Republic's 7-time Infielder of the Year, 6-time Outfielder of the Year and All Around Professional Hitter, Domingo Ayala.

Note: Evaluations are for entertainment purposes only. Content of video evaluation is not intended to increase your ability to become a better hitter or to take evaluation content into a game situation.

General Information


3 Easy Steps after you've registered:
1. Using a smart phone, have someone take a 3-4 swing video of you from a side view.… To view correct angle needed Click Here!
2. Email this video clip to
3. Domingo will break down your clip and provide you with a link via e-mail to view your evaluation. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your email.
4. Reminder: Videos will be 4 to 7 minutes of a personal evaluation of the players swing.

Below are two sample videos. Videos are only a minute or so long just for example purposes only.

About Your Professional Evaluator: Domingo Ayala
Domingo Ayala was born and raised in Puerto Plata, DR sometime between 1978 and 1988 (records have not been verified). At a young age, with the influence of his cousin and longtime baseball coach, Vladimir Ayala, Domingo began to excel at the game of baseball. In the Dominican Republic, Domingo has been a 7-time Infielder of the Year and 6-time Outfielder of the Year award winner (two years overlapping when he played both SS and LF in order to hit twice in the lineup).

Please check your email regularly as this is our primary way we communicate. Any additional information that we need to convey will be passed on to you via the e-mail address that you supplied when you signed up. Please make it a habit to check your e-mail daily, this will eliminate any confusion and or miscommunication.

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