Strike Zone Hall of Fame!

Coach Rob's students that have received Scholarships since 2002.

Rory McKeen: Ole Miss
Trip Swann: Samford
Bruce Alter: AUM
Tess Ackerman: Mobile College
Lauren Webster: UAB
Daniel Cayton: CACC
Michael Dugan: AUM
Shay Jordan: CACC
Cooper Mosely: Georgia
Steven Vosel : AUM
Matt Burnside: Southern
Graham Mullins AUM
Taylor Jernigan: LBW/ AUM
Allen Ponder: AUM/ Alabama
Anthony Durant: Lawson
Chase Forrest: Faulkner
Taylor Thompson: Auburn
Glenn Ponder: CACC
Will Davis: Princeton
Katelyn Atkins: Huntingdon
Matt Robins: Huntingdon
Kayla Hale: AUM
Xavier Cunningham: Jefferson Davis College

Capital Strike Zone

Strike Zone is designed to serve your family by providing instruction for your student at a professional level.We offer professional hitting and pitching instructions in baseball and softball, strength training,skills camps and travel ball teams. We have a place where students can get the training they need toreach their maximum potential and fulfill their goals.

We have a lot of exciting opportunities for every student. Do not miss out!

For questions regarding Capital Strike Zone contact 334.782.0344 or e-mail Jeff Crane