Arizona Baseball Camps

Baseball camps in Arizona? The state where so many pros train, how can it get better than that for baseball camps, youth and high school camps, showcases, and clinics. For winter break, Christmas break, holiday baseball camp Arizona has it all. Baseball camps around Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Chandler, Tempe, and cities in between. Being such great weather in Arizona for baseball camps it is is always an amazing destination. While others have to train or attend baseball camps indoors or use indoor batting cages, or play on turf, baseball camps in Arizona take place all outside in the amazing sun. Away from baseball camps a great place to enjoy spring training games, amazing baseball at U of Arizona, Arizona State University or Grand Canyon University. Arizona offers amazing showcases, camps and clinics for all levels of baseball.

ABC has been doing baseball camps in Arizona since 1997. Close to 20,000 players have attended our camps in Arizona in cities like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Peoria and others. Join our baseball camps today and help take your game to the next level during all the breaks between Christmas, winter, spring break or just as a family vacation for baseball.

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Texas and Dallas Baseball Camps

Welcome to baseball camps in Dallas, Texas! Summer baseball camps in Texas and around the Dallas area are here! From high school to youth level baseball camps ABC offers different week-long options during the summer. We are going into our 20th year doing camps around Dallas. Providing MLB equipment and baseball training for all levels, these sessions of professional instruction are offered at our week-long camps. Come join us and get better. Taking your baseball skills and drills to the next level.


San Diego Baseball Camps

Baseball camps in San Diego for youth and high school players by ABC going into our 20th year, it can’t get much better than this location. Amazing weather, lots of showcases, summer camps, day or sleep away, San Diego is the spot! Summer, fall, winter, and spring camps all the way to high school elite baseball showcases, San Diego has it all. Southern California baseball camps is an experience everyone should have. Train around the beaches of U of San Diego to UCSD, and San Diego State. ABC has been doing baseball camps in San Diego since 1997.




California Baseball Camps

Baseball camps in California, you have come to the right place in paradise! California has a large selection of baseball camps, showcases for high school players, youth, clinics and elite tournaments always going on.  Baseball and California go hand-in-hand, very popular in San Diego where you can find during all seasons of summer, winter, fall & spring. From La Loya, around U of San Diego, UCSD and San Diego State. ABC has hosted camps at USD, Pointe Loma and UCSD. For the past 6 or 7 years we host our San Diego baseball camps at UCSD. Join us this summer to be seen, get better, and have fun doing it.

ABC Baseball Camps has been doing baseball camps, showcases for high school and youth summer camps in San Diego since 1997. Providing overnight baseball camps and day baseball camps California is the perfect place to go to baseball camp as an individual or a family. All abilities of baseball are welcome for training, baseball camps and showcases. The amazing sun, beaches, and attractions are a perfect place to go for a baseball camp. See our available California baseball camps under our calendar and enjoy your trip.

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Washington/Seattle Baseball Camps

Baseball camps in Washington for youth and high school players, it can’t get much better than this location. Amazing weather, lots of showcases, summer camps, day or sleep away, Seattle is the spot! Summer, fall, winter, and spring camps all the way to high school elite baseball showcases, Seattle has it all. Washington baseball camps is an experience everyone should have. ABC has been doing baseball camps in Washington since 1997.

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How to pick the best baseball camps in San Diego

San Diego Baseball Camps- Important Questions to Ask when deciding on choosing the best baseball camp?

Who are the instructors of the baseball camps? Do you have coaches that will be doing recruiting from the colleges attending or have recruitment opportunities? Are they affiliated or coach at any of the local colleges in San Diego like UCSD or U of San Diego or San Diego State? What are the ratios of baseball camp instructors to campers? It is very important to have low coach to player ratios at any baseball camp. What is the baseball camp field going to be like? Is it going to be at a college or youth field in area of San Diego? How long have you been doing baseball camps in San Diego or around La Jolla? You want to feel good that they have had many years of doing baseball camps, youth summer camps around the city.

How to pick the best baseball summer camp near me?

Baseball camps around this summer near you, how do you pick the best one?

Ask, Is it for baseball recruitment, is it for a summer camp or sleepaway baseball camp, showcase, and is it for youth or high school baseball levels? Once you have defined the type of camp you would like to attend you can now explore options online and check out the details of the event. The organization’s history, the ratios of players to coach, and location are another few questions to ask. Many will be on campus of colleges and some will be pro organizations as in ABC’s case. It’s important to know who the instructors will be.

Not only knowing who the camp director is, but who will be running all the stations and working with the players? Call them and ask them, talk to them to see how a normal baseball camp day goes? What stations and drills they do, what level of baseball instructors or instruction they have and how many players do you have at camp? When looking for camps and baseball clinics near your location it’s always good to do your homework. Remember having fun during baseball camp and having baseball practice drills that are a blast make the camp experience a great one.




How to pick the best Seattle Baseball Camps

Rain or shine, Seattle area baseball camps are all around in the great state of Washington. You can find baseball camps near you or go across the state. You can find little league baseball camps to baseball camps for high school players. Many are on turf fields or all natural fields in the summer. 2018 and 2019 camps can be found in Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland and surrounding areas. If a high school baseball player is looking for recruitment or a youth baseball camp player is looking to just get better, ABC has you covered. We work with U of Washington and ABC professional coaches to train all levels of players. Different weeklong baseball camps are provided throughout summer. Our summer baseball camps around the great state of Washington will get you better, get you seen, and you can have fun doing it.


Where and when should I attend a summer baseball camp?

Are you looking for extra reps this summer? Do you need to work on a new baseball position or learn some fun new baseball drills? Summer baseball camps are great for any and all. Maybe you are looking for baseball showcases for 2018 or 2019. has you covered. We have locations across the US for summer.




How to pick the best college baseball camp?

Yes, the big question, how do I pick the best college camp? To begin with I would ask why are you attending the camp? Did the college baseball program invite you or did you just want to attend this baseball camp? It’s easy if the college coach personally invited you to attend the camp, but make sure it’s truly a personal invite and not that you are just on an email or mailing list blast inviting you to attend this summer baseball camp or showcase. Make sure this college camp is the right fit if you’re attending to be seen to show off your baseball skills at say age 14 and older or is it just for attending a great summer baseball camp ages 7 to 13? If looking at baseball camps near me then look around all the colleges where you live to find locations to go to. I would recommend if going to be seen that you can talk to someone that you trust and is in baseball to give you a realistic opinion of level of baseball play to see if you would have a chance to play at that college level someday, depending on your age. If you are going to attend as a younger baseball player, say ages 7 to 13, it doesn’t really matter as much the college baseball camp around your area as much as going to a great place of instruction for a summer baseball camp experience. If you do have the opportunity to make it a family experience then going to a warm area for a family baseball camp trip that is also a vacation is highly recommended. We have ABC locations at many of the colleges around the country that we work hand-and-hand with for a great family experience as well.


How to pick the best sleepaway baseball camp or overnight summer baseball camp

With lots and lots of overnight and sleepaway baseball camps around the country how do I pick one I can trust or have a great experience at? I would first look at the reasons you are going to baseball camp. Are you going for training, recruitment, having fun, and/or learning new baseball drills? Most of the time it’s to either been seen as a older high school baseball player or for training as a youth or younger baseball player. I would first check out the facilities and lodging accommodations. Lodging can sometimes be on a college campus or in a hotel, and then check out the fields. How will the facilities be for the baseball camp? Check out images away from the website to see if the images look similar and true to the location. Do they offer the facilities just for summer baseball camps or other summer programs for kids? Checking out the instructors, the director plus the other baseball instructors is important. What type of baseball training equipment do they use? Are they up to date for baseball camps? Seeing what the summer programs provide with the registration of a baseball camp and giving them a call to ask some details like what baseball training and drills do they do? What levels of instruction and baseball training do they have? Once you feel comfortable on the location, lodging and supervision of the overnight baseball camp this will help you in your decision.