Do I come with my family, or can I attend baseball camp by myself?

At most of our week-long baseball camps it usually turns out that half of the campers come without their families and half come with their families. We are a very family oriented company as we encourage family to attend anytime free of charge.

Depending on which location you attend, family participation varies.

What travel time should I allow for camp based on your posted start and end dates?

Today, the dates posted on the baseball camp website are actual start and end days. Where applicable, we have shown actual end times so that you can plan accordingly.

If you are in doubt, please contact us and we’ll assist you with your travel arrangements.


While attending the baseball camp, what if I can not make the arrival or departure?

Depending on the baseball camp location you are attending, most locations offer some type of airport pick up, but not all. If you can not make the times, that’s not a major issue. We are just trying to pick up as many players from the airport around the same time as possible.

Just let us know your plans in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate you. On departure days please try to have the players leave prior to 1pm, and try not to take the first flight out. It can be very difficult to coordinate a large group at the airport for a 6am flight.

Keep in mind that today, you are required to arrive at the airport approximately two hours prior to your flight. An early morning departure requires us to leave the hotel around 3:30am to get to a 6am flight.


Staying with parents while at camp? What does that mean?

Depending on which location or affiliate baseball camp location you have signed up with, if a participant is traveling with parents and staying in their hotel room they are considered “staying with parents” and in some cases have a bit different rate. Usually that option is available when you sign up for that discount. If not available when you sign up, please contact us for other options.

At some locations your transportation to and from camp each day, meals and all activities are all included in your price – just not the hotel room.


Do you have any discounts on hotel, airline or local attractions while at camp?

Yes, all of our partner hotels offer discounts to parents. We have arranged discounted airfare and rental cars at each baseball camp location. Contact us for more information on a particular location.


When do I need to provide ABC my flight information to arrange airport pickup for camp?

Please make sure you forward your flight information to us at least a couple weeks before the baseball camp starts if we are picking you up at the airport.

Please note, not all locations provide airport pickup.


Once I register for camp, do I need to reserve the hotel?

In some locations, we have made prior arrangements with our partner hotels so that you can reserve the hotel yourself. If you are attending a baseball camp as an overnighter your room will be taken care of by the ABC staff. If you are registered as a “staying w/parent player” check your welcome packet for the name and number of the ABC staff person to contact for parent room discounts. All of the reservation information will be located in your welcome packet once you sign up.

With some affiliates this service is not available and depends on the location you have signed up for.


Do the players swim or have a pool to swim in while attending baseball camp?

Yes, most locations do have a heated swimming pool. During free time, baseball campers are allowed to swim. Ask your director once you sign up if your location has a pool.

Please keep in mind that we do not supply a lifeguard at any of our camps (that’s a bit out of our area of expertise). Baseball Campers swim at their own risk, as ABC or our affiliates are not responsible for any swimming injuries.


What should participants bring to baseball camp?

Depending on what baseball camp you sign up with, once you’ve signed up for baseball camp you will receive a Welcome Packet or letter. This is typically emailed to you promptly. It lists items to bring, instructions and directions for that particular baseball camp.

We also include a Health Form that will need to be completed and brought with you.


What about supervision while at camp?

Depends on the location and affiliate baseball camp, most overnight baseball campers are supervised. Many week-long baseball camps have activities from 8am to 10pm, and participants usually have about 1 to 2 hours of free time daily. Talk to your director once you sign up about the options for your week long baseball camp.

Individual participants have us or affiliates as their family away from home – responsible supervision is a top priority for all baseball camps.

Our staff stays at the hotels with participants, and at some locations, staff members are in the rooms with campers.


What do the players do once they arrive at the aiport if the camp is picking them up?

Depending on the location and baseball affiliate, you will be sent a welcome packet once you sign up that will list exactly what you need to do once you arrive at the airport.

For baseball players under the age of 14, we recommend you pay the extra fee for a baseball camp representative to sign for your child. In this case, one of our representatives will sign for the baseball player at baggage claim from the airline employee. You will need to provide airline with the name(s) of the adult from the camp that will meet the player(s) at the aiport pickup.

Contact us prior to departure and we will provide you with one or two ABC baseball representatives’ names.


Is there a place to do laundry at week-long baseball camps?

Yes, most of the baseball camps have laundry facilities available. Once you sign up, contact your camp director to confirm or check out in the welcome information if a location is available.


Will players have a way to call home while attending baseball camp?

Yes, we always provide away for baseball campers to phone home. We would recommend they bring a cell phone or calling card to be able to keep good contact with home.


What is a week-long baseball camp like?

Depends on the ABC or affiliate baseball camp you attend, but a typical week-long baseball camp consists of about 4 to 6 hours of baseball daily. Many have night activities and other baseball items. All really depends on the location. Each camp location has more specifically what the price includes. Any questions, once you sign up please feel free to contact your camp director.

We work intensely on the five areas of baseball fundamentals, including; hitting for average and power, speed, arm strength and fielding.

Our goal is that all of the baseball players are able to improve themselves by the end of the camp. We work hard to help each participant make adjustments for improvement in his or her game.

For some weeklong locations, not all, night activities are provided. The night activities consist of going to local attractions, listening to guest speakers, and attending baseball seminars. We call it a full week of eating, living and breathing baseball. Most of our campers find that our week-long camps are the baseball experience of a lifetime and tell us they’ll never forget it!

When registering for baseball camp, what is cancellation protection?

We offer basic Cancellation Protection to allow participants some peace of mind in case plans change. This allows us to keep our prices low and provide the best service possible.

Due at the time of registration, Cancellation Protection entitles you to a full refund of baseball camp fees should you cancel your baseball camp registration more than 14 days prior to the start of an overnight camp, and 7 days prior to the start of a day camp.

If you cancel within 14 or 7 days of the start of your session, we will give you a camp credit for all money paid. The credit is valid for three years from camp date at any of our national locations. Credit with insurance is transferable to family member or friend, and good toward all America’s Baseball Camps.

*Most camps offer this option, some do not, if it does not come up as a option when you pay, then the cancel policy for that camp will be different and will be listed under camp details and also on your receipt after you sign up.


What happens if I have to cancel camp and I do not purchase the cancellation protection?

The camper will have a one year credit from camp date, We’re sorry, but since each baseball camp we offer has limited availability, we cannot provide cash refunds without refund insurance. Baseball campers can transfer their credit toward a friend or family member.

Some baseball camp locations have a different cancel policy, but most do this. The cancel policy will be under camp details and on your receipt before you sign up. If no cancel policy info is under camp details, then this cancel policy will apply.


What do the campers do at night while attending baseball camp?

Depending on the location or affiliate baseball camp company, most week-long camps, we have activities for campers. Going to local attractions, listening to guest speakers, attending seminars, etc. During a typical week-long baseball camp we have 5 scheduled nights and 1 or 2 free nights because with most camps the kids get pretty tired!


What is a typical day at a baseball camp?

Depends on what baseball camp and what affiliate but most Week-long baseball camps, as well as baseball day camps, train in all areas of the game. We focus on specific positions as well as team drills.

At most ABC baseball camps, during our week-long camps the pitchers and catchers are separated from the group in the morning to work on their drills, then rejoin them later. We then typically go into defensive/offensive training, followed by lunch. This varies from what baseball camp you are with or what affiliate you signed up for.

For most locations, in the afternoon we finish our stations and go into batting practice, infield/outfield, games and then teach conditioning. This is the same routine conducted by all the pro teams during Spring Training.

Most Baseball Day Camps are operated in a similar fashion – depending on camp type and duration.



What are the facilities like when I attend a baseball camp?

Most of our baseball camps are held in world-class facilities. We carefully select our baseball complexes so that we can offer our players some of the best facilities in the country. We hold camps at Spring Training facilities and Major League facilities.

All of our baseball camp locations have different attractions in the surrounding areas so that there are other activities available to participants.



Do you have references that we can contact regarding your baseball camps?

We’ll gladly provide you with as many baseball camp references as you’d like for any and all of our locations. We are very proud of our high return rate and you are welcome to speak to the many that have agreed to act as our informal spokespersons. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you a list of names and phone numbers for any particular baseball camp.



Who are your baseball camp instructors?

Depending on the location or affiliate location, we hand-pick professional baseball players, pro baseball scouts, managers and college baseball coaches from the many resumes we receive everyday from around the country.

We have a close group of about 100 staff and coaches that have been working with us for many years, and we are very proud of our elite baseball instructor staff.

For a complete listing and short bio of each ABC instructor, coach, and speakers – check out the instructor page on this website.



What discounts do you offer for attending your baseball camps?

We offer a variety of different pricing plans. Please check the specific baseball camp registration to see which ones are available for that particular event.

We sometimes have early bird specials, group rates and promotional e-mails. Depending on location or affiliate location.



How long has your company been running baseball camps?

We have been around since 1997. Today, ABC conducts baseball camps in about 100 locations in 24 states each year. Depending on our affiliate camps? We have locations that have been around for 40 years.

America’s Baseball Camps hosts approximately 5000 players each year throughout our nationwide schedule.



When is the full balance due for camp?

For all our week-long baseball camps a deposit can be paid to hold your spot, and the remaining balance for your baseball camp is due six weeks prior to the start date of each baseball camp. This amount will be automatically charged to your account unless you pay via check before or have made previous arrangements with a ABC Baseball Camp representative



When is the latest I can register for a particular baseball camp?

All baseball camps are open for registration until full. Most locations do sell out quickly so we recommend that you at least get a deposit placed to hold your spot.

If you are a bit unsure of your plans that far in advance, we recommend Refund Insurance.


Can parents watch during the week of camp?

Depends on the location and affiliate, but for the most part yes, the parents can come to any and all baseball instruction days. Come watch and enjoy!


Can parents attend the night activities or local attractions with the players who are at camp?

Depends on the baseball camp or affiliate baseball camp, but for most locations sure. You can even attend our local attractions and activities thought some locations may cost a bit extra.


Do you have a local hospital by in case of injury while at camp?

We always hold our baseball camps in close proximity to medical facilities just in case. Our baseball camp advisors maintain emergency contacts and are aware of the closest hospitals and medical facilities. In some locations we have full-time EMTs on-site or trainers on site. Depending on camp location or affiliate camp location.


How do you make up the teams at the baseball camp?

Our first selection for baseball teams is generally by age group since that is the only reference we have to start with.

From that point, we will move participants around to get a better baseball skills match. This way each participant gets the most out of team play.


What is your instruction philosophy for your baseball camps?

We try to provide very elite baseball instruction. We try to provide top instruction to where you are personally with your baseball skills. We try to help each baseball player to the next level.


At a Day Baseball Camp, what should we typically bring?

Plan as though you are heading to a baseball game during the season. Bring your hat, glove, bat, baseball pants, water, cleats, helmet if you have one and sometimes a snack or lunch.


My son or daughter is on a special diet or is diabetic- can you accommodate while at camp?

Yes. Whatever your baseball players needs are, simply let us know in advance so that we can be prepared. Our coordination team is very experienced in taking care of special needs. We’re glad to assist.


How many players come to your baseball camps?

It really depends on the location and the facility for that baseball camp. Most locations range from 50 to 150 baseball players. *If you are concerned about numbers, please contact the baseball camp director prior to camp to discuss.


Will I be on your baseball camp mailing list for next season?

Yes, past baseball camp participants are automatically notified of next year’s camps. We have many returning baseball players each year.


What if I sign up for baseball camp and then one of my friends wants to attend?

No problem. Simply let us know and we’ll take care of the arrangements. You can provide roommate requests at any time and we will do our best to accommodate you while at baseball camp.


Have you ever had players go to colleges after attending your baseball camps?

Yes, we have had numerous baseball players attend our camps and then go on and play college baseball. We’ve even had one player discovered and asked to try out for the Junior Olympic Baseball team – and made it!

As with any sport, the more you put into your skill development and the more you show your skills off in a baseball camp format , the better your chances of something happening in regards to being exposed to the baseball world.

If you’ve made it this far, and still have questions, please contact us. Our friendly staff will do their best to answer your questions or settle your concerns.


What happens if I attend camp and have to leave or am asked to leave by staff?

ABC or our affiliate baseball camps have the right to discontinue a baseball players participation at anytime for violations of its rules and regulations for that baseball camp. This includes, without limitation, the right to send a child or baseball camper home at his own expense, in which event there shall be no refund from any unused portion of the trip.


What happens if I attend an affiliate camp and are unhappy with it’s service?

If you are attending a affiliate baseball camp and have spent anytime in the camp, then you would have to deal directly with that baseball camp company for any issues you may have. We act as a agent and once you attend camp, ABC has really nothing to do with the way affiliates conduct a baseball camp. ABC is not liable for camp decisions, rules, actions or instructor issues, etc. of any other camp company besides America’s Baseball Camps. Once you attend camp, ABC pays the affiliate and any payment issues, refunds, credits or disputes has to be done directly through the affiliate. ABC would have nothing to do with the camp once you attend an affiliate.


The difference between an affiliate baseball camp and an ABC baseball camp?

An ABC baseball camp is owned and operated by America’s Baseball Camps. An affiliate baseball camp is owned and operated by an affiliate camp. We work with close to 65 different companies to provide you the best possible locations for you. Usually you can tell what baseball camp you will be attending or looking at once you read through the camp specifics of the individual locations.


What if I play more than one position while attending baseball camp?

Each day while at baseball camp, baseball players will work on different positions or only the positions they pick (Option availabile at most weeklong baseball camps). If they are a pitcher and position player, most players are, they will have the options of doing it all! Don’t worry, we will make sure you are taken care of.