Parent & Coach Testimonials

Nate, I didn't get a chance to tell you how great of a job you did with your event, as usual fantastic! Again, great to see you and great job! NCAA Div. I: Big 12 Conference - Coach

Nate, Let me tell you buddy, your events are first class, I'll be there every year. NAIA: Independent Conference - Coach

Coach Trosky, I wanted to thank you for a terrific college event, it was the best one my son RJ has attended and he has attended several. Sincerely, Richard Shanks - Father

Nate, Thanks for a solid weekend. Great event, it ran smooth, the pace was great, and the players were outstanding. NCAA Div. I: WCC Conference Coach

Nate, Once again, great job buddy! Unbelievable showcase. Thanks again! NCAA Div. I: WCC Conference - Coach

Coach Trosky, I just wanted to thank you and compliment the way you structured your showcase camp. It gave Patrick a true chance to show who he is and what he may become. We have been to three other NCAA DI camps this off-season and yours was the most fulfilling by far. Keep doing it right. And by the way, you really opened our mind up about playing at the next level. Randy Donabedian - Father

Nate, Finally got a chance to touch base with you after your camp. Just wanted to say thank you for running a great event. NCAA Div. I: Big West Conference - Coach

Nate, Good work! Very well run as always, solid players - nice work buddy! NCAA Div. I: WCC Conference - Coach

Coach Trosky, Greg had a terrific experience this past weekend at your college event. Now that we've been to several, I can truly say that yours was our favorite. Frankly, I was a little concerned because your cost is more reasonable than what we have come to expect, but what you have done is to eliminate unnecessary frills and focus on baseball and exposure. We feel we got more than our money's worth, and I don't say that often about anything. Thank you, Steve Astor - Father

Nate, Thank you for hosting your Camp. It was the most organized, detailed Showcase I have seen. I noticed at least 60 college coaches and pro scouts from DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA schools, and numerous pro scouts from both the American and National League. We will be back next year and I will be recommending the Monterey Showcase to top prospects. MLB: Eric Cederquist - Scout

Nate, Thank you for your event. I wish everyone would let you run their camps. It was great! NCAA Div. I: Big West Conference - Coach

Nate, Thank you for sending your Monterey camp information. Next year I'm going to budget for it. It looks very impressive!!! You're doing a great job out there on the west coast. You are very well respected. Would love to commit some of your Trosky players. See you next year. NCAA Div. I: Ivy League - Coach

Nate, Thank you so much for sending me the camp information. By the way, you do things right. This is outstanding information! NCAA Div. I: Pac 12 Conference -Coach

Mr. Trosky, My Son attended your camp and I just wanted to tell you that this was one of the best and well-organized showcases that my son has attended. He has attended others and yours was superior. I just wanted to tell you thank you for having this event. There are so many out there and it's great to see that it's not all about money. Jeff Figueroa - Father

Trosky College Showcase Camps
Up to 40 Colleges Coaches Attending

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With over 15 years of running college camps and working major showcase events, Nate Trosky and Trosky Baseball have developed the most productive camps in the country, connecting both high school and junior college players with college coaches and MLB scouts. Trosky Showcase Camps have the best player-to-coach ratio (averaging 30 college coaches per event), they take place on 1 field providing maximum exposure, players participate in multiple games providing the highest number of live AB's and innings pitched, and parents and players have the opportunity to learn from and meet the college coaches attending camp. College coaches, MLB scouts, parents, and players say Trosky camps exceed expectations. We are flexible with the schedules of those who cannot attend an entire event. Sundays begins with optional baseball chapel.

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1/25 ~ Sunday

3 In 1 Tryouts - 2015 Tryout ..... (Murrieta, CA)

Location: Murrieta Valley High School-Murrieta, CA  | 

Cost: $ 20.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

1/28 ~ Wednesday

3 In 1 Tryouts - 2015 Tryout ..... (El Segundo, CA)

Location: Beach City Baseball Academy-El Segundo, CA  | 

Cost: $ 20.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

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For questions regarding Trosky Baseball, email Ryan Moore at

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