If you're not practicing, somebody is, somewhere, and he'll be ready to take your job. Brooks Robinson

This is not an easy game. To be a champion you have to invest a little extra. Pete Rose

East Cobb Academic Showcase

The East Cobb Academic Showcase is an inexpensive platform to get Academic players exposure before schools where they can get great education that can change their lives.

JUNE 2017

6/28 – 6/29 ~ Wednesday to Thursday

East Cobb Patriot Academic Showcase

Location: East Cobb Complex (Field 3)- Marietta, GA  |  2018-2020 Graduates

Cost: $ 250.00   |   View Details   |   Register Now ››

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Questions regarding East Cobb Academic Showcase? Email info@abcsportscamps.com or call 800.222.8152

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